Until Tomorrow

(Boot Creek, Book 3)

by Nancy Naigle


Until Tomorrow cover“After yet another heartbreak, Flynn Crane is pretty much done with dating. She’s not even sure she can keep her grandparents’ struggling bed-and-breakfast afloat. But just as she’s about to give up on both her business and her dream of settling down in Boot Creek, Ford Morton walks back into her life.

Even from thousands of miles away, Ford never forgot the spark that ignited when he first met Flynn. Now a monthlong artists’ residency near Boot Creek gives him the perfect opportunity to find out just how intense the fire between them can get.

Neither of them expected just how that little spark would turn into heated passion. With Ford’s return to Alaska looming near, Flynn is torn between her life in Boot Creek and a chance to move to the wilderness for love. Can Ford and Flynn find a way to share tomorrow together—before they both lose their hearts in Boot Creek?”

Throughout the whole romance, you can feel that friendly, romantic vibe that makes you love this story. Flynn and Ford show you the importance of the ordinary small gestures. Sometimes we spent years looking for something extraordinary, and we do not realize that the best part can sometimes be the daily routine. The only thing we should do is looking in the right direction and let be caught from the beauty of our life. We do not need to be obsessed with a model and let the real things fade; we just need to find a reasonable compromise and follow our emotions.

In “Until Tomorrow” Nancy describes not only the life in a small town,  but she’s also quite detailed about the trip to Alaska, and I really like that aspect too. But mostly she underlines the importance of love and family as the recipe for real happiness.

But mostly she underlines the importance of love and family as the recipe for real happiness.

“But family isn’t always about siblings or blood relatives. It’s about who we let into our lives. Who makes our lives better”.

I really appreciate the author’s writing style, and I find the characters well written and rounded.

This book deserved five out of five stars.

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