Sloane Murphy

About the author

Sloane Murphy is a total book nerd with a penchant for travel. She writes mainly Paranormal Romance NA & YA.

She’s been writing for what feels like forever, and it started with lyrics & poetry. Music is her higher power, and she’d be lost without it. She published a book of poems in her late teens, and her love of words has just grown since. She’s now studying English Literature & creative writing for her degree! Paranormal books have always been her happy place. She likes the idea of escaping into a weird and wonderful world, which is probably why her books are mainly PNR. Her two favorite authors – Emma Hart & Tijan – both write contemporary romance which is her second love.

In July 2016 has been released Descent, the first book in The Immortal Chronicles Series, followed by Crash in November 2016, Soar in March 2016, and Rapture in September 2017.

Her first YA contemporary romance When We Fall has been released in June 2017.


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