When We Fall (Review & Excerpt)

by Sloane Murphy


Do you remember that moment?
That one moment.
The one when you changed.
People might say it was this or that, but deep down you know.
You know exactly what that moment was. Even if you’re not ready to admit it to yourself.
You know.
I remember mine, it didn’t just change me.
It changed everything.

Everyone thought Mason Knight was the whirlwind that swept me away. But nothing compares to those two shots. Those two shots woke me up and made me see that when we fall, sometimes we need help to get back up. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon)

When We Fall follows Erin’s senior year, all her hopes and the difficulties she must deal with. Most of her problems are consequences of a group of bullies’ behavior, who is determined to make her school life experience as much awful as possible. But, despite their actions, Erin is determined to achieve all her academic goals.

When Mason moves to her school, he’s attracted to this beautiful and intelligent girl, who seems to enjoy her solitude. Then, he has a chance to catch up with her, while she’s tutoring him. They finally have a date and also the chance to know each other better, even if his past still remains a little mysterious.

When We Fall is a touching hymn to life, and once you get involved in the storyline, you just can’t put this book down.

I liked this book, and although it presents some linguistical weaknesses, it can easily reach the audience and let an echo in the reader’s mind. I mostly appreciate how the author deals such delicate and actual themes as bullying, which in the last few years, turned out to be a serious problem among school-aged youth.

In When We Fall, Sloane Murphy has perfectly described one of the most common behaviors of young people who are victims of bullying. Erin only hopes that each school day will be a quiet one, and hopefully, this last year of school will end soon. She doesn’t want to fight, at least until she meets Mason, and their relationship begins. Then, Erin learns to open her heart, to confide in other people like Mason and her new friend, Scottie, and to finally enjoy her life.

I appreciate how the author describes the characters, although I find the behavior of Erin’s adoptive mother, Monica, a little bit unrealistic. Even though the author clarified Monica’s decision to trust Erin’s judgment, I find a little hard to believe how easily she accepts her daughter’s choice to deal with her own problems.

In conclusion, I think this novel gives us the opportunity to reflect on such sensitive themes while enjoying this emotional storyline, and that’s the reason why I’m grateful to Sloane for my ARC.

This book deserves four out of five stars.

I was provided with an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Read an excerpt from WHEN WE FALL

Chapter One

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, because most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most.” ~ Unknown

       What are you staring at, freak?
Looking around I see Tegan Winters and her group of mean girls stood in front of me. You know, the one every high school has? Except now, we’re seniors and they’re top of the food chain, and well, I’m bottom. I stutter as I try to reply but nothing comes out.
She cackles, “Seriously? What a loser. Maybe you need to go to some special freak show school where they can teach you how to talk to real human beings.”
I look down at my chucks, hoping she gets bored quickly and moves on to her next victim. A pair of sneakers move behind her and I hear a high-pitched squeal and an encore of, ‘awhhh’. I know it’s Evan Masters before I even look up; my next-door neighbor, Tegan’s boyfriend, and the love of my life. We had a, let’s call it, ‘a moment’, I guess, over the summer when he and Tegan broke up. I don’t know why I let it matter to me; they’re always breaking up and making up. Who am I kidding? I was, and remain, in spite of everything, still crazy about him.
I look up and see him draped over her; his arms around her waist, his head tipped down to the side as he kisses her, his shaggy blonde hair falling into what would be his startling blue eyes, but they’re closed. I can’t stop myself from looking, even though I hate every second of it.
“Ewww, perv alert!” Chrissy, one of Tegan’s minions, says as Becca giggles. Evan pulls away from Tegan. “Stop watching you freak,” she squeaks as I blush, furiously.
Evan smiles in my direction and says, “Oh, hey, Erin. I didn’t see you.”
Read, even notice me. Ugh!


Publication Date: June 9, 2017
Print Length: 288 pages
Publisher: Dedicated Ink Publishing Ltd
Language: English

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