Sunday Brunch with… Amy Sue Nathan

Sunday Brunch with… Amy Sue Nathan


I’m so glad I have the opportunity to interview this writer, active blogger, and good-humored woman.

It’s my pleasure to introduce our first guest…

Amy Sue Nathan


Her third novel, Left To Chance, has been published by St. Martin’s Griffin on November 21, 2017. Her debut novel, The Glass Wives, was published by St. Martin’s Griffin on May 14, 2013 and The Good Neighbor was published on October 15, 2015.


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Happy Pub Day to Left To Chance

by  Amy Sue Nathan

Congratulations to Amy Sue Nathan for the release of this delightful new novel!

“No one knows why Teddi Lerner left her hometown, but everyone knows why she’s back.

Twelve-year-old Shayna— talented, persistent, and adorable—persuaded “Aunt Tee” to return to Chance, Ohio, to photograph her father’s wedding. Even though it’s been six years since Shay’s mother, Celia, died, Teddi can hardly bear the thought of her best friend’s husband marrying someone else. But Teddi’s bond with Shay is stronger than the hurt. Continue reading “Happy Pub Day to Left To Chance”

Amy Sue Nathan

About the author

Amy Sue Nathan has been blogging since 2006 and launched the Women’s Fiction Writers blog in March 2011. She teaches workshops for Writers Digest University and freelance as a fiction editor and writing coach. She’s also a book coach with Author Accelerator and trained in the Story Genius method. Her stories and essays have appeared in print and online in over two dozen publications such as The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Parent, Writer’s Digest, Huffington Post, and online in New York Times and Washington Post blogs. Continue reading “Amy Sue Nathan”