Not Quite Crazy – Review

by Catherine Bybee


From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Bybee comes the sixth novel in the warm and witty Not Quite series.

No one drives in New York City. Everyone knows that, including California transplant Rachel Price. But that doesn’t stop her from driving into the city. From Connecticut. Every single morning. Rain or shine…or snow.

When she runs the charismatic and good-looking Jason Fairchild off the road, their immediate spark is met with bad timing. There is also one tiny little detail: Jason is her boss. And a woman as intelligent and dedicated to her career as Rachel knows not to date her boss.

As CEO of a private jet company, Jason Fairchild is more used to flying than driving. But if he hadn’t chosen to drive home one night, he wouldn’t have met the slowest—and most irresistible—driver in the entire metro area. Jason has never had time for love. Or dating. Or really anything that doesn’t involve work. But when he finds out that Rachel is the newest superstar in his marketing department, he can’t help wondering if fate has other plans…

* * *

Catherine Bybee has done it again with this funny, surprising and charming story that is difficult to put it down!

Not Quite Crazy is the sixth and last installment in the Not Quite Series.

The novel follows Rachel Price’s new life in NY.  After her best friend’s death, Rachel becomes the legal guardian of her teenage son, Owen, but she has to fulfill an agreement with Owen’s grandparents. Continue reading “Not Quite Crazy – Review”

Catherine Bybee

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Catherine Bybee sagt über sich selbst: Zuerst und vor allem bin ich Ehefrau und Mutter. Danach kommt das Schreiben – über alles, was prickelnd und romantisch ist. Wenn es kein Happy End hat, will ich nichts damit zu tun haben. Seien wir ehrlich: Das Leben ist voller … na ja … Leben. Nach einem Jahrzehnt als Krankenschwester in städtischen Notaufnahmen möchte sie in eine schönere Welt abtauchen, wenn sie ein Buch in die Hand nimmt. Inzwischen erschafft sie selbst solche Welten, solche kleinen Fluchten vom Alltag.

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Rückkehr nach River Bend

Happy End in River Bend, Teil 2

Catherine Bybee                                                                                                                                       →Englisch


Kann Zoe vor der eigenen Vergangenheit fortlaufen? Der zweite Band der erfolgreichen »Happy End in River Bend«-Reihe der Bestsellerautorin Catherine Bybee um drei wunderbare Freundinnen.

Zoe Brown bleibt bestimmt in River Bend, hieß es beim Highschool-Abschluss. Irrtum! So schnell sie konnte, floh sie aus der Kleinstadt. Weg von dem ärmlichen, beklemmenden Leben ihrer Eltern – und leider auch weg von Luke, ihrer ersten großen Liebe, ihrem Anker in der langen Zeit der Tränen.

Zehn Jahre später kehrt Zoe, inzwischen gefeierte Promi-Köchin in Dallas, zu einem Klassentreffen nach River Bend zurück. Continue reading “Rückkehr nach River Bend”

Staying For Good


by Catherine Bybee                                                                                                                                   → German


Staying For GoodWall Street Journal bestseller.

“Zoe Brown may have been voted Most Likely to Never Leave River Bend, but the paper-thin walls and suffocating air of her family’s double-wide trailer were not what she wanted for her life. Other than BFFs Melanie and Jo, the only thing that kept Zoe sane during high school was her boyfriend, Luke.

She didn’t just leave, she escaped—turning her back on the shame of her black-sheep siblings and imprisoned dad. Now a celebrity chef in Dallas, she can afford all the things she never could have growing up. But when she returns to rustic, ruggedly beautiful River Bend, Zoe has to face all that she abandoned—including Luke. Continue reading “Staying For Good”

Doing It Over

(Most Likely To #1)

by Catherine Bybee



“Voted Most Likely to Succeed, Melanie Bartlett ended up anything but. The down-on-her-luck single mom wants a complete do-over—is that too much to ask? With her family long gone from River Bend, strong, independent Mel is as surprised as anyone to end up in the quaint small town she once called home. But with her friends, Jo and Zoe, by her side, and a comfortable room at Miss Gina’s quirky bed-and-breakfast, she just might have turned the corner on a new life.

Wyatt Gibson never liked the big city. River Bend suits Continue reading “Doing It Over”