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Happy Sunday my dear readers!

I’m so excited to team up with Booksparks today to celebrate Jamie Beck’s newest novel, The Promise of Us, book two of the Sanctuary Sound series

In the Sanctuary Sound series, readers have the chance to meet three friends that reconnect in their coastal hometown to repair broken bonds and face the uncertainty of their future. The Promise of Us is the second book that will release on April 9, 2019.


So our welcome to a very lovely author…

Jamie Beck


Hi Jamie, it’s such a great pleasure having the chance to chat with you again, for a sneak peek of your new release!

If you were to describe The Promise of Us with three adjectives, what would they be?

 Sentimental. Tender. Hopeful.

If you were to summarize your emotions while writing this new book, what would you say?

 I think surprised ranks high on the list. This book did not stay on its intended path. Part of that was because Logan turned into someone different than originally envisioned, and the other part is because I spent more time than expected with Peyton in this book. I think Peyton’s presence was critical to Logan and Claire’s romance, and I loved exploring the slow and painful process of mending broken trust in friendship. As for Logan, his dry humor came out of nowhere, so I had fun with some of the flirtation between him and Claire (such opposites). I love the way he attacked Claire’s risk-averse views and forced her to remember who she’d been before the gunshot.

How much do you feel invested in this new series?

I get invested in every book and series I write because I spend so much time with the characters, they become quite real to me. I also think that, in a world with so much pain and trauma, these stories (which are all about how different people react to trauma and ultimately overcome it) are hopeful and, thus, helpful.

Who is your favorite character to write in the Sanctuary Sound Series and why?

Peyton, of course! Yes, she’s the villain. The one some readers despise. But I always favor the underdogs—and those who make spectacular mistakes they sincerely regret. Peyton fell for her friend’s boyfriend. Yes, she broke Claire’s heart, but she’s paying for it. She’s willing to grovel for a LONG time to win Claire over, and I think that has to count for something. Plus, Peyton is sarcastic and clever, so she was fun to write as well.

What makes this book special to you?

Some books are hard to write, others come together with less angst. This was one of those books that sort of sprang to life on its own. I enjoyed the detours these characters took me down, and I feel that their relationship developed in a natural, realistic, and not without effort kind of manner…so they feel very solid to me as a couple.

 What inspired you to write this series?

I was watching the news after the bomb exploded at the Ariana Grande concert in England, and thinking about how easily my teens could end up in that kind of situation. I thought about the trauma those attendees suffered, and how each of them would walk away from it forever changed in different ways, and that gave me the idea for a series about the aftermath of trauma.

Could you give us some anticipations about the third Sanctuary Sound novel, The Wonder of Now?

Peyton’s book is quite different. It’s more playful in some ways (because Peyton is, at heart, a bit of an antagonist). Also, a large part of the story takes place in various settings in Europe rather than Sanctuary Sound (she’s on a book tour with her publicist). It’s a bit of an opposites-attract tale, too. Mitch (the hero) is very focused on business, while Peyton is desperate to begin living life and leaving her survival story behind, so they want different things from this trip.

You have a lot of awesome books under your belt! Tell us a little bit about how you keep yourself organized when writing!

 I wish I could claim to be organized, but I’m more of a firedrill kind of person. Basically, I have a to-do list that is a general guide, but I mostly attack everything as it comes in to keep myself moving forward. I’m fortunate that my husband takes care of some of the business side of things (numbers and such), so I can focus on the writing.

Could you share a happy photo and tell us more about that moment?

This photo was taken in February in Alta, Utah. My husband’s family has a ski house there, so each year his extended family gathers for a week of amazing skiing, food, and laughter. A few didn’t make it this year, but this is almost everyone. We look forward to this trip every year. I LOVE the mountains and skiing. In fact, some of the caretakers at this house actually helped me with the research I did to create the heroes in the Sterling Canyon series!

Thank you so much, Jamie! I personally can’t wait to meet you again next September at the Rare in London!


Thank you! I’m looking forward to meeting you as well, and to having a wonderful day with all the authors and readers. I love London (my mom and two friends are coming as well, so we are making a girls’ trip of it).



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  1. Thanks for this! I love getting insight to an author’s mind as they were their books. I love that she comes to Utah every year to ski…. I’ve loved in Utah all my life and have never ?

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