Everything the heart wants (Review)

by Savannah Page


Writer Halley Brennan couldn’t dream up a better love story than her own. Married for eleven years, she and her husband, Adam, are still living their happily ever after. They both know what they want—and don’t want—for their life together. And that includes being child-free. But when one of them has a change of heart about wanting a baby, it brings their marriage and life plans into harsher focus.

Devastated that this bombshell might destroy their relationship, Halley finds comfort in her closest friends: Nina, who’s finally pregnant after years of trying; her sister, Charlotte, an overwhelmed mother of three; and Marian, a successful businesswoman who regrets letting go of her one true love.

Now, with their guidance and support, Halley begins a painful journey of self-discovery. As she searches her heart to make a life-changing decision for both herself and Adam, she realizes that someone is bound to get hurt. Will their perfect love be too great a sacrifice for everything her heart wants? (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon)

I’ve had some of Savannah Page’s books in my TBR list for some months, but last week I finally had the opportunity to read her latest amazing novel, Everything the Heart Wants. I was so impressed by the naturalness of her descriptions and how the storyline captivates the reader.

This book follows the writer Halley Brennan on an emotional and psychological journey to find the best version of her true love. She is living a happy marriage when her husband reveals his profound desire to be a father, but this changes completely their first plan of a child-free marriage. From this event, the couple starts a very difficult path that will help them to rediscover a new form of love, sometimes hard, sometimes touching, always unconditional and a continuous discovery.

“What honest and unconditional love is. Sometimes love is taking a step back; sometimes it’s moving forward. Sometimes it’s letting go; sometimes it’s holding on. Sometimes it’s taking it back . . . chasing it.”

I think that Savannah has done a sterling job in describing all the characters. I also loved her presenting different woman’s personalities, each one looking for a happy ending while struggling with their daily life. Moreover, this book offers each woman the opportunity to identify herself with some of these loving characters’ features while appreciating the endearing honesty of Halley, the sweetness of Nina, the strength of Charlotte, and the generosity of Marian.

There’s no prescription for love, no indisputable explanation for how your heart feels or what you do because of love. It’s that raw, unexplainable feeling you have when you hold a baby in your arms, when you gaze into your partner’s eyes, when you accept that love comes in a variety of forms, happiness in a number of shapes, individual truths in all kinds of sizes.

Everything the Heart Wants gives the reader a good opportunity to think about the definition of love, and how sometimes we need to draft new shapes to our feelings to rediscover their true essence.

Thank you, Savannah, for this awesome read. In my opinion, this book deserves five out of five stars.

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Publication date: December 12, 2017
Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Language: English

About the Author

Savannah Page is the author of Everything the Heart WantsA Sister’s Place, and the When Girlfriends series, heartfelt women’s fiction. Sprinkled with drama and humor, her writing celebrates friendship, love, and life.

A native Southern Californian, Savannah lives in Berlin, Germany, with her husband, their goldendoodle, and her collection of books.

You can visit Savannah at www.SavannahPage.com              and find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SavannahPageAuthor

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