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Book Tours

⇒ Stops on book blogs/social media accounts in any combination of reviews, interviews, guest posts, excerpts, spotlights, and giveaways;
⇒ Dedicated Tour Page ;
⇒ Tour Banner;
⇒ Giveaway management (optional);
⇒ ARC distribution (optional);
⇒ Marketing on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest).
⇒ Our design.

Editing Services


What is an editor?
It's a reader who loves to share the beauty of the language and even if it's the perfect team partner for the's a reader first.
We will help you go through your novel's weaknesses to make it shine.
We will check:
✓ Style
✓ Clarity
✓ Syntax
✓ Fluency
✓Words Usage


Whoa! You've done it! Your manuscript is almost ready, but still, you need an extra pair of eyes, because even the best writer misses a misspelling and comma splice from time to time. We're here to assist you in the last step before your book is published.
We will check:
✓ Grammar

"Elisabeth and the Comet Readings team are passionate about sharing their love of books with others. They are easy to work with and stay impeccably organized. From their engaging graphics to their innovative reader outreach, I enjoyed partnering with Comet Readings for my book launch."
Audrey Wick
Audrey Wick
Women's fiction/romance author

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