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I created this platform out of my love for books and discussing them with others, and it has become an amazing new chapter in my life. I am grateful for the wonderful friends and inspiring connections I have made through this journey.
As a fellow book lover, I understand the importance of finding books that inspire and challenge us. That’s why I am dedicated to helping you discover your next great read. Whether you need book recommendations, ideas for your book club, or just some book-related inspiration, Comet Readings has everything you need.

Comet Readings is a book blog that provides book reviews and recommendations for readers of all ages. My goal is to connect readers with books that will not only entertain them but also inspire them. I believe that books have the power to transport us to new worlds, broaden our perspectives, and help us understand ourselves and others better. My readers and I share a love for literature, and that is what brings us together.

Book Reviews

One of the main features of Comet Readings is book reviews. I read and review books from various genres, including thrillers, historical fiction, romance, young adult, and non-fiction. My reviews are honest and unbiased, reflecting my personal opinion as a reader. I also provide a rating system to help readers easily determine if a book is worth their time. Readers can also leave comments and engage in discussions about the books they have read.

Book Recommendations

Apart from writing book reviews, I also curate lists of recommended books for different themes or occasions. These recommendations can be helpful for readers who are looking for their next read or want to explore new genres. I also take into consideration diverse representation and own voices when making recommendations, promoting inclusivity in literature.

Author Interviews

As a book blogger, I have the opportunity to connect with authors and learn more about their writing process and inspirations. On Comet Readings, readers can find interviews with both established and emerging authors from different backgrounds. These interviews offer insights into the behind-the-scenes of publishing and allow readers to connect with their favorite authors on a more personal level.


Comet Readings is not just a blog but also a community of book lovers. I encourage my readers to interact with each other through comments and discussions on the blog and social media platforms. This creates a space for bookish conversations and recommendations among like-minded individuals. I also feature guest posts from fellow book bloggers, providing a platform for them to share their thoughts and insights.

For me

Comet Readings is more than just a book blog; it’s a passion project that aims to foster a love for reading and create a community of readers. Through reviews, recommendations, interviews, and discussions, I hope to inspire others to pick up a book and discover the magic of storytelling. Join me in exploring diverse books and connecting with fellow bookworms! So, let’s embark on this reading adventure together.

Meet Elisabeth

Profile Photo Elisabeth

Hello! I live in Rome with my husband and daughter. With a Master’s Degree in English and German Language and Translation, I utilize my skills as a professional editor. For over five years, I have been assisting companies and individuals with their English language needs, from editing and proofreading to website localization and translation. I have a great passion for languages and culture, constantly seeking to learn new ones.
When I’m not immersed in books or editing work, I enjoy exploring museums, cooking, watching movies, and strolling along the charming alleys of Rome. With a strong desire for travel, I never leave home without at least two new books in my luggage.
If you would like to learn more about me and Comet Readings, please feel free to reach out at touch at elisabeth@cometreadings.com! 🙂

Thank you for choosing Comet Readings as your reading destination. I hope you have a wonderful experience here.


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