Sunday Brunch with… Kate Hewitt

Sunday Brunch with… Kate Hewitt

Happy Sunday!

I’m so happy to be here again for our weekly appointment.

This Sunday I’m so excited to introduce…

Kate Hewitt 



She is the USA Today-bestselling author of over 60 books of women’s fiction and romance. The second book in The Holley Sisters of Thornthwaite Series, A Vicarage Reunion, will be released on February 2, 2018.


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Wish Me Home (Review)

by Kay Bratt


In her first work of contemporary women’s fiction, bestselling author Kay Bratt draws on her own life experiences to create a raw, yet inescapably warm, novel about friendship and a wary heart’s unexpected capacity to love.

A hungry, stray dog is the last thing Cara Butter needs. Stranded in Georgia with only her backpack and a few dwindling dollars, she already has too much baggage. Like her twin sister, Hana, who has broken Cara’s heart one too many times. After a lifetime of family troubles, and bouncing from one foster home to another, Cara decides to leave it all behind and strike out alone—on foot.

Cara sets off to Florida to see the home of her literary hero, Ernest Hemingway, accompanied only by Hemi, the stray dog who proves to be the perfect travel companion. Continue reading “Wish Me Home (Review)”

Kay Bratt

About the author

Kay Bratt grew up in the Midwest as the child of a broken home and later, a survivor of abuse. Facing these obstacles in her own life instilled in Kay a passionate drive to fight for those that had been dealt an unfair hand. Upon arriving in China on an expatriate assignment with her husband in 2003, she was immediately drawn to the cause of China’s forgotten orphans. Continue reading “Kay Bratt”

New year…new books…new ideas

Dear readers,

Happy 2018!

I’m very happy to be here and have all your support.

Last September I started this blog, and today I’m so enthusiastic about its results and glad for having taken this challenge. Being a blogger has offered me this amazing opportunity to be part of the book-bloggers’ community, and I had the chance to connect with so many talented authors, and I’m so grateful that many of them have accepted to join us and share their thoughts on our weekly appointment, Sunday Brunch with…

Thank you all, readers and writers, for having trusted me and my work. I hope, I have made your time here special.

For this new year I already have some ideas to improve this blog, and hopefully, I will also have more time to do it.

Enjoy your time here, and I’d be happy to hear your opinions and advice. 

Happy reading,


Sunday Brunch with… Peggy Lampman

Sunday Brunch with… Peggy Lampman


We’re so happy to close this year with a lovely guest and a special giveaway.

I give a warm welcome  to…

Peggy Lampman


Peggy is the award-winning, best-selling author of THE PROMISE KITCHEN and THE WELCOME HOME DINER, both published by Lake Union Publishing.


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Peggy Lampman

About the author

Peggy Lampman is the award-winning, best-selling author of THE PROMISE KITCHEN and THE WELCOME HOME DINER, both published by Lake Union Publishing. She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, summa cum laude, from the University of Michigan. After graduating, she moved to New York City, where she worked as a copywriter and photographer for Hill and Knowlton, a public relations firm. Continue reading “Peggy Lampman”