All the Best New Summer Reads of 2024 to Read Now

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Are you ready to dive into summer with the perfect beach read? Explore the best new releases to add to your beach bag!


Ah, summer. The sun-kissed days, warm sand, the lazy afternoons, and the promise of getting lost in a good book. 

Whether you’re looking for captivating historical fiction by a bestselling author or a swoon-worthy romance to keep you company on the perfect beach day, a pulsing thriller to make your heart race, or a poignant family story to dive into while sipping on an ice-cold drink these are the books that will make your summer reading list complete. Yes, even if your summer plans only involve a staycation in your own backyard.

So, let’s dive into the best beach reads of ’24 to add to your summer reading list.

Happy Reading!


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Summer '24 Top New Releases

Funny Story book cover

Funny Story

by Emily Henry

Daphne and Miles find themselves at a crossroads in their lives, with failed relationships behind them. As they plan to fake dating for social media, they never expect to actually fall for each other. But as their fake relationship becomes more real, they must navigate the complications and insecurities that come with it. If you enjoy enemies-to-lovers romances with witty banter and small-town settings, this read is for you.

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Miss Morgan's Book Brigade book cover

Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade

by Janet Skeslien Charles

For fans of historical fiction and true stories, Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade tells the captivating story of Jessie Carson, an American librarian who made a lasting impact on the literary landscape of France during World War I. As Jessie navigates the challenges of war-torn France, she works to establish children’s libraries and trains the first female French librarians. But when she suddenly disappears, her story becomes shrouded in mystery. Years later, librarian Wendy Peterson discovers Jessie’s story while researching at the New York Public Library and becomes determined to uncover the truth about what happened to her.

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The Familiar book cover

The Familiar

by Leigh Bardugo

If you love Leigh Bardugo’s writing style and world-building, The Familiar is a must-read. Set in the enchanting city of Madrid during the height of Spain’s power struggle with England, this novel follows the story of Luzia Cotado, a servant with a hidden talent for magic, who is thrust into the dangerous world of nobility and court intrigue when her mistress discovers her abilities. As she navigates this treacherous new world, she catches the eye of Antonio Pérez, a disgraced secretary to Spain’s king who will stop at nothing to regain favor. Luzia must use all her wit and will to survive, even if it means teaming up with an embittered immortal familiar.

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How to End a Love Story book cover

How To End a Love Story

by Yulin Kuang

Helen and Grant are reunited after 13 years apart. As they work together on a TV show adaptation of Helen’s bestselling novels, old feelings resurface and secrets come to light. This charming opposites-attract romance is filled with heart, humor, and a touch of nostalgia as the characters navigate their complicated past and uncertain future. A must-read debut novel for fans of love stories that are messy, electrifying, and full of unexpected twists.

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Middle of the Night book cover

Middle of the Night

by Riley Sager

With his new thriller, Riley Sager once again proves why he is one of the most talented and twisted voices in the thriller genre. As Ethan delves deeper into the mystery surrounding Billy’s disappearance, he begins to uncover dark secrets about his seemingly perfect neighborhood and its residents. The more he uncovers, the more he realizes that the idyllic façade of Hemlock Circle is just a cover for something much more sinister.

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Just for the Summer book cover

Just for the Summer

by Abby Jimenez

In this highly anticipated summer novel, bestselling author Abby Jimenez delivers a hilarious and heartwarming story about finding love in unexpected places. Justin has always believed he was cursed. Every woman he dates finds their soulmate right after they break up with him. So when he meets Emma, who is also dealing with her own curse of never being able to find the right person, they come up with a crazy plan to date each other and break the curse. But what starts as a fake relationship quickly becomes something more real as they spend the summer together on a private island.

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The House on Biscayne Bay

The House on Biscayne Bay

by Chanel Cleeton

Two women’s lives become intertwined as the past and present collide in a gothic mansion in Miami, full of scandal and hidden secrets. However, the past is never truly buried, and danger lurks behind the facade of this glamorous estate. If you’re looking for a novel that captures the allure and intrigue of Miami during the 1920s, a time when fortunes were made and lost, and society was filled with secrets and scandal, Cleeton’s new novel is the perfect pick.

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The Last Murder at the End of the World

The Last Murder at the End of the World

by Stuart Turton

A dystopian world destroyed by a deadly fog. On an isolated island, a small community of villagers and scientists live in peace until one of the scientists is brutally murdered. With only 107 hours before the fog engulfs the island and everyone on it, the race is on to solve the murder and prevent their ultimate demise. But with the added obstacle of wiped memories, the killer could be anyone – even one of their own. With his signature twists and turns, Stuart Turton delivers a gripping story where every second counts and the stakes are higher than ever before.

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Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies book cover

Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies

by Catherine Mack

 Bestselling author Eleanor Dash finds herself in the midst of a real-life mystery while on her book tour in Italy. As she tries to wrap up her Vacation Mysteries series with the death of her main character Connor Smith, an attempt is made on the real Connor’s life. With literary rivals and rabid fans vying for attention, Eleanor must navigate through personal relationships and unexpected twists to uncover who is truly behind the murder plot. With captivating writing and a thrilling plot, this book is the perfect summer read for mystery lovers and anyone looking for a page-turning vacation escape.

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Malas book cover


by Marcela Fuentes

A captivating and poignant debut novel that explores the complexities of family, cultural identity, and the power of secrets. Set in a small border town, this story follows two solid female voices from different generations as they navigate personal struggles and uncover long-held family secrets. With rich descriptions of Tejano culture and community, this  novel is a powerful reminder of the strength of family bonds and the importance of embracing one’s true identity. Fans of literary fiction and stories with strong female protagonists will surely be enthralled by Malas.

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Darling Girls book cover

Darling Girls

by Sally Hepworth

Three women are bonded together by their shared past. Years later, when bones are discovered under the farmhouse where they grew up, they must face the haunting memories of their past and the power that their foster mom, Miss Fairchild, still holds over them. As they are forced to confront their deepest fears and secrets, they begin to unravel the truth about what really happened all those years ago. If you’re a fan of suspenseful and emotionally charged novels, Darling Girls is a must-read. 

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The Reappearance of Rachel Price book cover

The Reappearance of Rachel Price

by Holly Jackson

If you’re waiting for Holly Jackson’s new mystery, you won’t be disappointed with her latest novel. Bel’s life is turned upside down when her long-missing mother suddenly reappears after sixteen years. But with a true crime documentary crew following her every move, Bel must navigate through the lies and secrets of her family to uncover the truth about what really happened all those years ago. Jackson’s skillful writing will keep you guessing and questioning everything as Bel navigates twists and turns in her search for answers.

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A Happier Life book cover

A Happier Life

by Kristy Woodson Harvey

In A Happier Life, author Kristy Woodson Harvey weaves together two intertwined stories set in Beaufort, North Carolina. The present-day narrative follows Keaton Smith as she discovers secrets about her past and navigates new relationships in the charming town. Meanwhile, the 1976 timeline introduces us to Rebecca “Becks” Saint James and her struggle to balance her perfect public image with her personal struggles.

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The Sicilian Inheritance book cover

The Sicilian Inheritance

by Jo Piazza

Sara Marsala’s life is forever changed following the death of her great-aunt Rosie. With nothing to hold her back, Sara sets off on a voyage to Sicily. There, she unravels a family secret and learns the remarkable story of her great-grandmother Serafina, a woman who championed justice and equality in an era that resisted such ideals, ultimately sacrificing everything for her beliefs.

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Swan Song book cover

Swan Song

by Elin Hilderbrand

In the final installment of her Nantucket series, Elin Hilderbrand weaves a thrilling tale of love, betrayal, and murder. As Chief of Police Ed Kapenash prepares for retirement and blond bombshell Sharon deals with a messy divorce, the arrival of the mysterious Richardson family shakes up the quiet island community. With lavish parties, extravagant yachts, and suspicious wealth, the Richardsons captivate everyone they meet. But when their house burns down and an employee goes missing, Ed and Sharon must team up to uncover the truth behind this wealthy family’s secrets before it’s too late.

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Save for Later

One of Us Knows book cover

One of Us Knows

by Alyssa Cole

Kenetria Nash, a former historical preservationist diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, is given a second chance at her career when she becomes the caretaker of a historic estate. However, her new life on an isolated Hudson River island takes a dangerous turn when she becomes trapped with strangers during a Nor’easter. Things get even more complicated when one of the visitors turns up murdered, and Ken becomes the prime suspect.

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Real Americans book cover

Real Americans

by Rachel Khong

Chosen as a Read with Jenna Book Club Pick for May’24, Real Americans is a powerful and timely novel that explores the complexities of love, family, and identity in modern America. Lily Chen and Matthew fall in love despite their different backgrounds – Lily, a broke Chinese American from Tampa, and Matthew, a wealthy East Coaster. Years later, their son Nick goes on a journey to find his biological father and confronts questions about identity and belonging. 

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Daughter of Mine book cover

Daughter of Mine

by Megan Miranda

As Hazel returns to her hometown of Mirror Lake and begins to unravel the truth about her mother’s disappearance, she realizes that everyone around her has secrets they would rather keep buried. From her enigmatic best friend, who seems to know more than she’s letting on, to the handsome newcomer with a dark past and a dangerous connection to Hazel’s mother, no one is quite who they seem.

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The Paradise Problem book cover

The Paradise Problem

by Christina Lauren

Anna and West were college sweethearts who thought they had it all figured out. But after their quickie wedding, Anna discovers that the divorce papers she signed at graduation weren’t actually filed, and she’s still legally married to West. Fast forward three years, and they’re now divorced, but when Liam inherits a fortune from his grandfather with one catch – he must be happily married for five years – he turns to his ex-wife for help.

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If Something Happens To Me book cover

If Something Happens to Me

by Alex Finlay

Ryan Richardson’s life is turned upside down when his girlfriend Ali goes missing, and her car is found submerged in a lake. With no proof or leads, Ryan becomes the target of online trolls and suspicion. However, when new evidence surfaces during his law school trip to Italy, Ryan must race against time to find the truth before it’s too late.

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The Rule Book book cover

The Rule Book

by Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams delivers a captivating enemies to lovers, second-chance romance with a perfect combination of steamy chemistry, sports drama, and unexpected plot twists. As Nora Mackenzie and Derek Pend, college exes turned enemies, are forced to work together as agent and client, they must navigate their complicated past while trying to save their careers. When a wild night in Vegas leads to them waking up married, their rule book goes out the window, and sparks fly in this addictive love story.

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This Summer Will Be Different book cover

This Summer Will Be Different

by Carley Fortune

Bestselling author Carley Fortune returns with a romantic novel set in Prince Edward Island, full of coastal charm, shared secrets, and unexpected love. Lucy has always been Bridget’s responsible best friend, but when she falls for Felix, Bridget’s younger brother, she can’t help but break her own promise. Every summer, they meet at PEI, and every time, their chemistry is off the charts. But each year, Lucy reminds herself why they need to stay away from each other. However, this year things are going to be different.

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Husbands & Lovers book cover

Husbands & Lovers

by Beatriz Williams

Discover the intertwining lives of a single mother and a refugee in this captivating novel set in both 2022 New England and 1951 Cairo. Mallory Dunne’s search for a kidney donor for her son leads to uncovering secrets from her past, while Hannah Ainsworth must confront her own personal tragedies. As their paths cross, they are forced to reevaluate their choices and make sacrifices that will shape their futures.

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The Return of Ellie Black book cover

The Return of Ellie Black

by Emiko Jean

Detective Chelsey Calhoun must unravel the mystery of a missing girl who suddenly reappears, but her return brings more questions than answers. As she delves deeper into the case, she realizes there may be dark secrets and lies at play. With an emotional journey of self-discovery, this gripping thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page

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The Husbands book cover

The Husbands

by Holly Gramazio

Lauren finds herself in a bizarre situation when she discovers that her attic has the power to create an infinite supply of husbands for her. As she continues to experiment with different versions of her life, she begins to question the very essence of who she is and what truly makes her happy. Holly Gramazio’s debut novel is a thought-provoking exploration of identity and the choices we make in life. Through the captivating story of Lauren and her mysterious husbands, Gramazio invites readers to question the idea of a “perfect” life and whether it truly leads to happiness.

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Summers at the Saint book cover

Summers at the Saint

by Mary Kay Andrews

What would be a summer without a beach read from Mary Kay Andrews? Tracy Eddings must save her beloved hotel while facing challenges from staff shortages and a greedy brother-in-law. With a motley crew of summer staff, including the daughter of her estranged best friend, Traci must navigate secrets from the past that threaten to ruin everything she has worked for. With witty humor and endearing characters, this is a must-read for any fan of romance and small-town drama.

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The Ministry of Time book cover

The Ministry of Time

by Kaliane Bradley

Set in a near future where time travel is a reality, a civil servant is tasked with living and working with an expat from 1847. As they work together to determine the feasibility of time travel, they develop an unexpected bond that forces them to confront their beliefs and choices. With a charming and chaotic cast of fellow expats, this debut novel by Kaliane Bradley is a time travel romance, spy thriller, workplace comedy, and exploration of power and love all rolled into one.

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Same As It Ever Was

Same As It Ever Was

by Claire Lombardo

Set against the backdrop of mid-life, Julia Ames’ story unfolds as she grapples with unexpected challenges that threaten to upend the carefully constructed life she has built for herself. As she navigates through the complexities of motherhood, friendship, and relationships, Julia must confront her past traumas and learn to embrace the ever-changing nature of life. Whether you’re familiar with Lombardo’s work or discovering her for the first time, Same As It Ever Was is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers thanks to the author’s ability to tap into the human experience with sincerity and authenticity.

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One Perfect Couple book cover

One Perfect Couple

by Ruth Ware

If you enjoy fast-paced, suspenseful thrillers with a touch of romance, Ruth Ware’s One Perfect Couple is a must-read. As Lyla and Nico compete in a cutthroat reality TV show for a chance at winning a cash prize, they soon realize that the stakes are much higher than they ever imagined. Stranded on a deserted island with their fellow contestants, tensions run high as they fight for survival and navigate the dark side of fame and fortune.

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Lies and Weddings book cover

Lies and Weddings

by Kevin Kwan

With its globetrotting setting and a juicy plot filled with love, money, and lies, Kevin Kwan’s new novel is sure to be a must-read this summer. Rufus Leung Gresham is facing the pressure of his family’s debt and their plans for him to secure a wealthy marriage. But when true love enters the picture with the girl next door, Rufus must navigate between societal expectations and following his heart. 

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Save for Later

Home Is Where the Bodies Are book cover

Home Is Where the Bodies Are

by Jeneva Rose

In the wake of their mother’s death, three siblings unearth a disturbing secret from their past. As they unravel the truth behind an incriminating home video, tensions rise and memories resurface, forcing them to confront their family’s dark history. A gripping thriller that delves into the complexities of family dynamics and the consequences of keeping secrets buried for too long.

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Last House book cover

Last House

by Jessica Shattuck

A multi-generational family saga that explores the complexities of wealth, privilege, and social change in America. The Taylors are a wealthy family living in the idyllic Vermont mountains, thanks to their patriarch Nick’s successful career with American Oil. But as America faces critical turning points in history and societal values shift, each member of the Taylor family must confront their own personal struggles and reckon with the consequences of their choices.

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The Guncle Abroad book cover

The Guncle Abroad

by Steven Rowley

atrick O’Hara takes on the role of caretaker for his niece and nephew while navigating the challenges of being a single fifty-year-old man. With humor and heart, Rowley’s story follows their journey to Italy where Patrick learns about love and the true meaning of family. Perfect for fans of humorous and heartfelt fiction, this is a must-read that will leave readers both laughing and reflecting on the complexities of family dynamics.

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The Midnight Feast book cover

The Midnight Feast

by Lucy Foley

Lucy Foley invites readers to a luxurious hotel opening weekend where secrets and grudges simmer beneath the surface. As tensions rise and a mysterious death occurs, the idyllic setting quickly becomes a sinister playground for hidden agendas and long-buried secrets. Told from multiple perspectives, this riveting thriller will leave you guessing until the final page

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Better Left Unsent book cover

Better Left Unsent

by Lia Louis

Fans of Rebecca Serle and Emily Henry will fall in love with Lia Louis’s latest novel. The story follows thirty-year-old Millie Chandler, a receptionist who has vowed to keep everything to herself after having her heart broken two years ago. But when all her unsent emails are accidentally sent out, Millie’s carefully crafted life is turned upside down as she faces the chaos and confronts the truths and secrets she’s been hiding from everyone.

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Summer Romance book cover

Summer Romance

by Annabel Monaghan

With her life in shambles, Ali Morris never expected to find love. But when a charming stranger enters her life during a summer romance, she can’t resist the spark of hope he brings. From professional organizer to single mom, Ali faces new challenges and heartache, but with the joys of a brief fling and the promise of something more, this story is sure to captivate readers. Experience the ups and downs of modern-day love and motherhood in Annabel Monaghan’s delightful novel –

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The Housemaid is Watching book cover

The Housemaid is Watching

by Freida McFadden

 New York Times bestseller Freida McFadden delivers another thrilling installment in the Housemaid series with The Housemaid is Watching. The story follows Millie, a former maid who has worked hard to provide her family with a new home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. However, strange occurrences and suspicious neighbors make Millie question if she made a mistake moving there. As her fears grow, she must confront her past and fight to protect her family from danger.

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The Rom-Commers

The Rom-Commers

by Katherine Center

Emma, a struggling screenwriter, gets the chance of a lifetime to re-write a script for her writing god, but things get complicated when she meets him and realizes that real life might be more romantic than fiction. As she fights for her love of rom-coms and convinces the famous screenwriter that love stories matter, Emma learns that sometimes, life can be full of unexpected twists and turns.

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A Novel Love Story book cover

A Novel Love Story

by Ashley Poston

Eileen Merriweather, a literature professor, finds herself transported to the town of Eloraton, the setting of her favorite romance series. But things are not as perfect as they seem, as the town is trapped in an unfinished novel. Eileen must navigate through this fictional world and help bring it to its storybook ending. However, there is one character who doesn’t want her meddling in their story – a grumpy bookstore owner with mint-green eyes and an irritatingly sexy mouth. 

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House of Glass book cover

The House of Glass

by Sarah Pekkanen

In her new book, Sarah Pekkanen takes readers into the seemingly perfect world of the Barclay family. But when a tragedy strikes and their young nanny dies, cracks begin to form in their perfect facade. As a lawyer appointed to represent the best interests of children in custody cases, Stella Hudson is tasked with uncovering the truth about what happened. But as she delves deeper into this wealthy family’s secrets, danger lurks around every corner, and Stella must confront her own troubled past in order to protect those who can’t speak for themselves.

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Tangled Up In You book cover

Tangled Up in You

by Christina Lauren

Ren and Fitz come from very different worlds, but when they are paired up for a project in college, they find themselves embarking on a road trip that will change their lives forever. Ren, who has lived off the grid her whole life, is finally experiencing the real world at Corona College while Fitz, who has his whole future planned out, begins to question his carefully crafted plans. As they navigate through challenges and unexpected situations on their journey, they both begin to realize that maybe what they’ve been searching for has been right beside them all along.

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The Summer Pact book cover

The Summer Pact

by Emily Giffin

When four freshmen from different backgrounds meet in college, they become inseparable. But after graduation, a tragic event forces them to reexamine their friendship and the promises they made to always be there for each other. Ten years later, when one of them faces a personal crisis, they must come together once again to find forgiveness and support. With heart and humor, Emily Giffin explores the power of true friendship and the challenges of navigating adulthood.

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Two Sides to Every Murder book cover

Two Sides to Every Murder

by Danielle Valentine

Two teenage girls, Olivia and Reagan, are drawn back to the camp as it reopens after seventeen years. Olivia, who was born during the infamous Camp Lost Lake murders, wants to know more about her biological father. Reagan, who has spent most of her life on the run with her mother – the alleged murderer in the case – is determined to prove her mother’s innocence. But as they delve deeper into the past, they unearth dangerous secrets someone will kill to keep hidden.

Amazon | Goodreads 

The Paris Widow book cover

The Paris Widow

by Kimberly Belle

Stella and Adam seemed like the perfect couple, enjoying their dream vacation in Paris. But when an explosion rocks the city square, and Adam goes missing, Stella’s world is turned upside down. As she races against time to uncover the truth about her husband’s disappearance, she is also forced to confront the dark and dangerous secrets of his past. A must-read for fans of suspense and mystery novels!

Amazon | Goodreads 

The Fiance Dilemma book cover

The Fiance Dilemma

by Elena Armas

Josie Moore is desperate to save her family’s reputation after her absentee father announces his retirement and plans to expose her four failed engagements. Enter Matthew Flanagan, her former high school crush, who agrees to fake an engagement with her. But as they navigate the fake relationship, real feelings begin to emerge, leading them down a path of unexpected romance. Full of swoon-worthy moments and heartwarming family dynamics, this book is a must-read for anyone who loves a good fake relationship trope.

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Save for Later

Middletide book cover


by Sarah Crouch

Set in the picturesque town of Point Orchards in Puget Sound, writer Elijah Leith returns home to find his life in shambles and a mysterious death that may be linked to his own work. As he struggles to clear his name, he must also confront painful memories and rekindle old relationships.

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The Bookshop Sisterhood book cover

The Bookshop Sisterhood

by Michelle Lindo-Rice

Four best friends have been working hard to open their dream bookstore, but life has other plans. Toni receives devastating news, Celeste’s marriage is on the rocks, Leslie learns a shocking secret, and Yasmeen’s life changes for the worse. As they face these challenges together, they discover that even unexpected twists can lead to new beginnings. This is an uplifting story that celebrates the power of female friendship and how it can help us overcome even the toughest challenges in life.

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The Next Mrs. Parrish book cover

The Next Mrs. Parrish

by Liv Constantine

As Amber Patterson Parrish navigates her new life as a socialite, she must also face the consequences of her husband’s actions and his impending release from prison. However, Amber is not the only woman in the Parrish family facing challenges. Jackson’s ex-wife, Daphne, must confront her past and decide whether to trust her former husband again. And when a mysterious figure from Amber’s past resurfaces, these three women must band together to protect what they hold dear.

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The Briar Club book cover

The Briar Club

by Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn’s new historical fiction novel, set in Washington, DC, in 1950, follows the lives of a diverse group of women living in an all-female boardinghouse. The mysterious widow Grace March brings them together, but when a violent act threatens their friendship, they must confront their own secrets and determine who among them is the true enemy.

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By Any Other Name book cover

By Any Other Name

by Jodi Picoult

A journey of two women, Melina Green and Emilia Bassano, who are separated by centuries but connected by their love for writing. As they navigate through different time periods and societal expectations, both women must confront the reality that their voices may not be welcomed in a world where men hold all the power. Despite these challenges, they continue to pursue their passion and make sacrifices in order to share their stories with the world.

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