I Have Some Questions for You

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I Have Some Questions for you book cover

by Rebecca Makkai

Publication Date: February 21, 2023
Publisher: Viking
Hardcover: 448 Pages

Publisher Description

Named a Best Book of 2023 by EsquireReal SimplePopSugar, and CrimeReads

The riveting new novel — “part true-crime page-turner, part campus coming-of-age” (
San Francisco Chronicle) — from the author of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award finalist The Great Believers

A successful film professor and podcaster, Bodie Kane is content to forget her past—the family tragedy that marred her adolescence, her four largely miserable years at a New Hampshire boarding school, and the murder of her former roommate, Thalia Keith, in the spring of their senior year. Though the circumstances surrounding Thalia’s death and the conviction of the school’s athletic trainer, Omar Evans, are hotly debated online, Bodie prefers—needs—to let sleeping dogs lie.

But when the Granby School invites her back to teach a course, Bodie is inexorably drawn to the case and its increasingly apparent flaws. In their rush to convict Omar, did the school and the police overlook other suspects? Is the real killer still out there? As she falls down the very rabbit hole she was so determined to avoid, Bodie begins to wonder if she wasn’t as much of an outsider at Granby as she’d thought—if, perhaps, back in 1995, she knew something that might have held the key to solving the case.

In I Have Some Questions for You, award-winning author Rebecca Makkai has crafted her most irresistible novel yet: a stirring investigation into collective memory and a deeply felt examination of one woman’s reckoning with her past, with a transfixing mystery at its heart. Timely, hypnotic, and populated with a cast of unforgettable characters, I Have Some Questions for You is at once a compulsive page-turner and a literary triumph.

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About the author

Rebecca Makkai is the Chicago-based author of the novels The Great Believers, The Hundred-Year House, and The Borrower, as well as the short story collection Music for Wartime.

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“[I Have Some Questions for Youembraces the intricate plotting and emotional heft that made [Makkai’s] previous novel,The Great Believersa Pulitzer finalist…Makkai sharply conveys the insidiousness of misogyny…[and] deftly explores how remembrance can melt into reverie…Her patient, evocative character work prevents Omar and Thalia from becoming types…The result is not a book that leers at a discrete and unfathomable act of violence but one that investigates…‘two stolen lives.’” —The New Yorker

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“Thought-provoking, deeply unsettling and undeniably riveting…A fully immersive, addictive whodunit.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“A spellbinding work…[Makkai’s] prose is lean yet lush, with short, incantatory chapters and sentences as taut as piano wire.” New York Times Book Review

“Enthralling…Rich in incident and alive with expressive imagery.” —Wall Street Journal

“A great accomplishment. [I Have Some Questions for You]is at once a campus novel, a piercing reflection on the appeal and ethics of the true crime genre, and a story of Me Too reckoning. It is also the most irresistible literary page-turner I have read in years…Exquisitely suspenseful and enormously entertaining.” —Priscilla Gilman, The Boston Globe




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