Lie Lie Again

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Lie Lie Again book cover

by Stacy Wise

Publication Date: January 1, 2021
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Paperback: 369 Pages

Publisher Description

For three women with so much to hide, there’s no such thing as a little white lie…

All three women who live at 1054 Mockingbird Lane have secrets…and with a body at the bottom of their apartment building’s staircase, those secrets need to stay buried.

Sylvia Webb has a plan. And a potential Mr. Right. He’s sweet, simple, and dependably clueless about what she’s up to. The only thing unpredictable about him is his needy ex-girlfriend, who is this close to shattering Sylvia’s dreams. But Sylvia’s not going to let that happen.

Riki McFarlan has a good career and an amazing boyfriend who wants to settle down. If only she didn’t have feelings for her neighbor—who happens to be her close friend’s husband. With everything going so right, why is Riki flirting with something so wrong, so…dangerous?

Embry Taylor is as devoted to her children as she is to her husband, who’s a bartender by night, an aspiring actor by day. She is his biggest fan. But with his career not taking off and tensions high, even sweet Embry has something she’s desperate to keep hidden.

Lies, secrets, and revenge. For three neighbors with stakes so high, someone is headed for a downfall.

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About the author

Stacy Wise is the author of Beyond the StarsMaybe Someone Like You, and Lie, Lie Again. She holds a BA from UCLA. California is where she makes her home with her family and three fluffy dogs.

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“Wise masterfully captures the tension between appearances and reality, spinning a fast-paced and darkly funny tale of three young women each with her own secrets, each reaching for her dreams. I loved it!” ―Kaira Rouda, international and USA Today bestselling author

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“Stacy Wise writes characters who get under your skin; whose secrets and lies set off land mines beneath seemingly ordinary lives; and who will stay with you long after you finish the last page of this clever, satisfying, and ultimately hopeful book.” ―Carol Goodman, New York Times bestselling author of The Lake of Dead Languages and The Sea of Lost Girls

Lie, Lie Again starts with a bang–a body at the bottom of the staircase! And it’s a wild ride–filled with wild lies–until the very last page. Stacy Wise writes with intensity, emotion, and just the right amount of humor as she tells the story of three women whose lives intersect at an apartment complex on Mockingbird Lane. Their secrets bubbling below the surface, threatening to be revealed…unless they lie. Lie, Lie Again is a must-read!” ―Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, authors of How to Save a Life




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