Christmas at the Chalet

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Christmas at the Chalet by Anita Hughes ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Publication date: October 16, 2018 Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
A delicious love story about a bridal designer showing her new collection in the Alps during the magical week of Christmas where hijinx of the heart ensue. It’s the day after Christmas, and Felicity Grant is at a gorgeous ski chalet in St. Moritz for the biggest fashion show of her career. Felicity is a rising star on the bridal design scene, and this is her best collection yet. But when her boyfriend gives her a spa day instead of a diamond ring for Christmas, she has to face the possibility that she may never walk down the aisle in one of her own stunning designs. And then there’s Nell, the top model headlining Felicity’s show. Nell is planning her dream wedding to her wonderful fiance with one catch: her divorced parents can’t stand each other and threaten to no-show if the other is there. Add to that Felicity’s race against the clock to create a special gown for a prestigious bridal salon, and what both girls need is a Christmas miracle. What better place to find one than in the Swiss Alps with its dark forests and sparkling vistas?
But for Felicity it’s hard to recognize a miracle even when it’s right in front of her, and for Nell one miracle might not be enough to fix the past. Can dreams really come true or is that the stuff of Swiss fairytales? Anita Hughes’s Christmas at the Chalet is full of romance, gorgeous gowns, and the stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps. It’s about love and forgiveness, and creating one’s own miracles during the most festive time of year.

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There are actually two love stories in this novel. One revolves around Felicity. She is a wedding dress designer and she is having a Christmas fashion show in St. Moritz. Felicity has been with her boyfriend, Adam for years and she is expecting a ring this Christmas. Hmmmmm!? Then there is Nell. Nell is one of Felicity’s models and best friend. She is planning her own wedding. But, her parents hate each other. Neither one is going to attend her wedding if the other is there. Can Nell create magic and get them in the same room together. Felicity is a little too needy for me. She really wants a ring and she does not see what is right in front of her eyes, a gorgeous, kind, Swiss doctor. And he has fabulous Swiss Folk Tales. Felicity is a hardworking and talented woman. But, she drives me a little nuts with her whining. Now Nell! She is a different story. She has the love of her life waiting on her. But, if she doesn’t get her parents to see eye to eye, she may have a nervous break down. Her parents hate each other. They actually first met in St. Moritz. Nell is hoping to spark something, anything, just to get them both at her wedding. The author really creates a magical setting. St. Moritz is now on my bucket list, especially at Christmas. I can just picture the quaint shops with the beautiful lights and I can also taste the rich chocolates. Anita Hughes has really out done herself with this setting. This is wonderful, enchanting Christmas tale. Everyone needs a little Christmas love story and this is one is perfect. I received this novel from St. Martin’s press via Netgalley for a honest review. reeca2

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