The Little Shop of Found Things

by Paula Brackston


The Little Shop of Found Things book cover

Publication date: October 16, 2018
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

New York Times bestselling author of The Witch’s Daughter Paula Brackston returns to her trademark blend of magic and romance guaranteed to enchant in The Little Shop of Found Things, the first book in a new continuing series.

An antique shop haunted by a ghost.
A silver treasure with an injustice in its story.
An adventure to the past she’ll never forget.

Xanthe and her mother Flora leave London behind for a fresh start, taking over an antique shop in the historic town of Marlborough. Xanthe has always had an affinity with some of the antiques she finds. When she touches them, she can sense something of the past they come from and the stories they hold. When she has an intense connection to a beautiful silver chatelaine she has to know more.

It is while she’s examining the chatelaine that she’s transported back to the seventeenth century where it has its origins. She discovers there is an injustice in its history. The spirit that inhabits her new home confronts her and charges her with saving her daughter’s life, threatening to take Flora’s if she fails.

While Xanthe fights to save the girl amid the turbulent days of 1605, she meets architect Samuel Appleby. He may be the person who can help her succeed. He may also be the reason she can’t bring herself to leave.

* * *

First, let me start with COVER LOVE! This is such a fantastic cover for this story!

Xanthe and her mother have purchased an old antique shop. Xanthe has a unique ability with certain antiques. When she touches them….they sing! She feels the objects past and she wants to find out more. She finds an old, silver chatelaine and experiences an astounding connection. This leads her on the trip of her lifetime, and other lifetimes as well.

The Little Shop of Found Things is right in my wheelhouse. Who can resist antiques, historical mysteries, ghosts and time travel? When Xanthe finds the chatelaine, it comes with a ghost. And not a nice one either. This ghost demands Xanthe travel back in time to save her daughter. If Xanthe refuses then her mother will pay.

The story is well researched and extremely creative. But, it is overly dramatic in places and a bit long-winded. And Xanthe, she was sort of an enigma. She seems very intelligent but I was not a huge fan of how she interacted with the ghost. Just didn’t fit her characteristics. I expected her intelligence to come out more.

The Little Shop of Found Things is a very entertaining read. It has wonderful historical details, especially about the law and the way servants were treated in the 1600s. Enchanting to say the least!


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About the author

Paula Brackston lives in a wild, mountainous part of Wales. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University and is a Visiting Lecturer for the University of Wales, Newport. Before becoming a writer, Paula tried her hand at various career paths, with mixed success. These included working as a groom on a racing yard, a travel agent, a secretary, an English teacher, and a goat herd. Everyone involved (particularly the goats) is very relieved that she has now found a job she is actually able to do properly.

When not hunched over her keyboard in her tiny office under the stairs, Paula is dragged outside by her children to play Swedish tennis on the vertiginous slopes which surround them. She also enjoys being walked by the dog, hacking through weeds in the vegetable patch, or sitting by the pond with a glass of wine. Most of the inspiration for her writing comes from stomping about on the mountains being serenaded by skylarks and buzzards.

In 2007 Paula was shortlisted in the Creme de la Crime search for new writers. In 2010 her book ‘Nutters’ (writing as PJ Davy) was shortlisted for the Mind Book Award. Last year she was selected by the BBC under their New Welsh Writers scheme.

You can read more about Paula and her books at her website HERE!


2 thoughts on “The Little Shop of Found Things

  1. Lucky you, Caroline! 🙂 Happy you enjoy Reeca’s review. I’m so in love with the cover and hopefully, I will read it very soon too. We would love to hear your thoughts as soon as you read it! Have a good day, Elisabeth

  2. OOH, I just won this in a giveaway so I can’t wait to dive in. Your description is nothing like I imagined the book would be so thanks for the review! Glad I read this before I start the book 🙂

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