The Rose Reaper

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The Rose Reaper book cover

by Jennifer Hunter

Publication Date: March 5, 2024
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Paperback: 317 Pages

Publisher Description

A serial killer on the hunt opens the door to a woman’s terrifying past in a pulse-pounding thriller by the author of The Lost Victim.

Three years ago, Kate Doyle escaped a serial killer who died at the hands of her rescuers. FBI consultant and psychologist Ryan Strickland helped Kate rebuild her life, and the case was closed on the Rose Reaper’s seven victims―the six who were killed and Kate, the one who got away.

Today, Kate has a good man in her life, a secure job, and hope. But her dreams for the future become a nightmare when a copycat killer starts hunting. One by one, with each new body, comes a gift for Kate: a single red rose. And then the warning: See you soon.

If clues to his identity are buried in Kate’s memories, Ryan can unearth them. As they dig into Kate’s traumatic past, they’d better work fast. Because someone is finishing what the Rose Reaper started―and he’s hell-bent on making sure that this time, the seventh victim doesn’t get away.

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About the author

Jennifer Hunter explores the darker side of life with her Ryan Strickland thriller series, which includes The Lost Victim. She also writes suspenseful contemporary romance and women’s fiction as New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ryan.




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