The Space Between

by Dete Meserve

The Space Between book coverIn Dete Meserve’s new novel, The Space Between, the truth isn’t what it seems in this stirring novel of suspense.

After presenting a major scientific breakthrough to a rapt audience across the country, renowned astronomer Sarah Mayfield returns home to a disturbing discovery. Her husband, Ben, a Los Angeles restaurateur, has disappeared, leaving behind an unexplained bank deposit of a million dollars, a loaded Glock in the nightstand, and a video security system that’s been wiped clean. The only answers their son, Zack, can offer are the last words his father said to him: keep the doors locked and set the alarm.

Sarah’s marriage was more troubled than anyone suspected, but now she is afraid that her husband’s recent past could be darker than she dares to admit. Suspecting that nothing about Ben’s vanishing is what it seems, Sarah must delve into the space between old memories, newfound fears, and misleading clues to piece together the mystery of her husband’s disappearance—and find what she hopes in her heart is the truth



Publication date: July 24, 2018
Paperback: 300 pages
Publisher:  Lake Union Publishin

About the author

Dete Meserve is the award-winning, bestselling author of Good Sam and Perfectly Good Crime. Her this novel, The Space Between, will be published by Lake Union Publishing on July 24, 2018. When she’s not writing, she is a film and television producer in Los Angeles and a partner and CEO of Wind Dancer Films.

Meserve has been fascinated by the stars ever since she first saw the Milky Way arching overhead while on a camping trip when she was ten. Her grandmother worked at NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center (now Johnson Space Center) during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs and the photos she sent from those missions made Meserve curious about the moon and all the wonders in the night sky. 

Her love for the stars has followed her into her adult life where she is an executive producer of Ready Jet Go!, an award-winning astronomy and earth science series watched by millions of kids on PBSKids and around the globe. While working on the series, she began to see that there is a profound connection between all we are discovering in the realm of the stars, and the universe of emotions within ourselves.

In her third novel, The Space Between, the stars offer an ideal backdrop for a story about rediscovering a love that’s been right in front of us all along. In the universe, as in love, so many of our most important discoveries are made when we look past what seems to be true, when we find ways around our blind spots, and when we discover new ways to see through the darkness into the light.

Dete Meserve lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children—and a very
good cat that rules them all.

For more about Dete, check her website HERE!


“Chiseled prose gleefully weaves the protagonist through bombshells…A labyrinth of plot and character motivations makes for a thoroughly enjoyable novel.” Kirkus Reviews
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The Space Between is a fast-paced novel that combines the best elements of suspense and romance. In this story of a broken marriage, Dete Meserve uses the mysteries of the universe to keep you on the edge of your seat, as she weaves a tale that winds its way through the past and present to bring about a truly satisfying conclusion. Highly recommended.” USA Today bestselling author Bette Lee Crosby “From tragedy to triumph, Dete Meserve’s new novel took me on a roller-coaster ride I’ll not soon forget. Coupling the mysteries of the night sky with an unthinkable domestic situation, this tale is stunning and unlike any I’ve read. The Space Between is a must must must read!” —Heather Burch, bestselling author of In the Light of the Garden “As captivating and complex as the night skies that feature in The Space Between, this is a thrilling read. A precipitous shift in perceived reality causes everything past and present to be suspect. Meserve skillfully crafts all the elements of a superbly suspenseful page-turner.” —Patrica Sands, bestselling author of the Love in Provence series “Dete Meserve’s The Space Between has it all. It is a story written with a knowledge of space, realistic characters you want to root for, romance, and a mystery with a satisfying ending. I predict that after you read the book, you’ll gaze at the stars and think of them in a new way.” —Judith Keim, bestselling author of the Fat Fridays series “Woven with the stars, this is an incredible story of love, betrayal, and the infinite power of hope. Suspenseful to almost the last page; I couldn’t put it down.” —Andrea Hurst, author of Always With You “Dete Meserve’s The Space Between hits all of the sweet spots: a smart and engaging female lead; an intriguing mystery; and elements of danger and suspense sure to keep readers turning pages long past bedtime. If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks or Kerry Lonsdale, grab this book!” —Kes Trester, author of A Dangerous Year “With the starry heavens as a backdrop, Meserve spins a fast-paced story about astronomer Sarah Mayfield, as she questions everything she believes to be true in the space between the heartache of her rocky marriage and the mystery surrounding her husband’s disappearance. This is Meserve’s best work yet, a romance wrapped in suspense that will to keep readers guessing until the very end. —Christine Nolfi, bestselling author of Sweet Lake and The Comfort of Secrets



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