Comet Readings' 2022 Reading Challenge

Need help to diversify your reads?
Join my 2022 Reading Challenge and reach your goals a book a week! 

Are you looking for new ideas to reach your reading goals or have no idea how to diversify your reads? Then, my ultimate Reading Challenge is perfect for you.

For all Types of Readers

Join my readers and me and have fun discovering all the 52 categories. You can also take a look at the reading recommendations that will help you reach your goals easier.

What do I love about Reading Challenges?

For me, the real challenge is to read out of my comfort zone. My habits and book taste have changed during the past few years, and challenges have undoubtedly played a role.

A few years ago, I haven’t read many YA books, and memoir sounded not so appealing, but I’ve been challenged and stimulated to read more and different genres and, finally, those books that have long waited at the bottom of my reading list. This also had benefits on my reading life in general. So, if my 2022 Reading Challenge can help you read outside the box, you’ll see the benefits, and as in my case, reading slumps will belong to the past.


If you think a book a week is too much, that’s not a problem. Feel free to pick all the categories you like and skip those you don’t. The important thing is to have fun and spread the book joy together.


2022 Reading Challenge


A Productivity Book

Set in Europe

A Hyped Book

A Celebrity Memoir

A Family Drama

Set in a Country You Want to Visit

Last Add to Your To Be Read Pile

New York Times Bestseller

A Contemporary Romance

A Gifted Book

Recommended by a Friend

Historical Fiction Set in New York

Reread a Favorite Book

Becoming a Movie in 2022

A Reese Whiterspoon Book Club Pick

With a Stunning Cover

A Social Issue Book

A Family Saga

With a Female Heroine

About Mother-Daughter relationship

Set in the ’50s

Four-Word Title

Borrowed from The Library

Genre Out of Your Comfort Zone

A Royalty Inspired Novel

International Bestseller

A Summer Read

Coming of Age Novel

Goodreads Winner in 2021

A Dual Timeline Novel

Set in the ’60s

Recommended by a Librarian

Famous Author You’ve Never Read

Psychological Thriller

Eye-Catching Cover

Less than 200 Pages

Translated from Italian

A Childhood Favorite

A Oprah Winfrey Book Club Pick

A 2022 Release

WWII Story

About Immigration

By Two Authors

A Book About Books

Own Voice Story

A Classic

First Book in a Series

A Debut Novel

A Creativity Book

A Holiday Romance

A Favorite Author

A Classic Novel Retelling

If my Reading Challenge sounds great to you, but you prefer something light, do not be discouraged and join us for the monthly challenges, and each month you’ll receive my book recommendations directly to your inbox.

So, it’s time to have fun enjoying the book life and make 2022



2 thoughts on “2022 Reading Challenge”

    1. Hi Lara, thanks for asking! With classic I mean a book that changed and keeps influencing the world with important topics. Yes, you’re right, I haven’t shared a book list with my favorites yet, but I’m working on it. Still, I can definitely recommend you a few of them: The Late Mattia Pascal by Pirandello, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Anna Karenina, The Taming of the Shrew.

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