Book Review Index

Below you can find all the books we’ve reviewed sorted by the author’s last name.


Aikin, Susana – We Shall See the Sky Sparkling

Anthony, Gretchen – Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners


B. Weinstein, Rochelle – Somebody’s Daughter

Balogh, Mary – Someone to Trust

Bauermeister, Erica – The Scent Keeper

Bay, Louise – The British Knight

Brackston, Paula – The Little Shop of Found Things

Bratt, Kay – Wish Me Home

Bybee, Catherine – Doing It Over

Bybee, Catherine – Not Quite Crazy

Bybee, Catherine – Staying For Good


Chamberlain, Mary – The Dressmaker of Dachau

Clark Nichols, Phyllis – Silent Days Holy Night

Cleeton, Chanel – Next Year In Havana

Cleeton, Chanel – When We Left Cuba

Cohen Loigman, Lynda – The Wartime Sisters

Collums, Elizabeth – Passengers


Dunlap, Susan – Listen To The Wind

Duval, Chloé – The Chateau by the River


Fay, Juliette – City of Flickering Light

Fowler, Therese Anne – A Well-Behaved Woman


Garrett, Gigi – Her Fake Engagement

Gloss, Susan – The Curiosities

Gordon, Eliza – Dear Dwayne, With Love


H. Balson, Ronald – The Girl from Berlin

Hannah, Kristin – The Great Alone

Harrison, Nicola – Montauk

Hewitt, Kate – A Vicarage Christmas

Holmes, Steena – Stillwater Shores

Hughes, Anita – Christmas at the Chalet

Hunter, C. C. – In Another Life

Hunter, Denise – Blue Ridge Sunrise


Kelly, Julia – The Light Over London


Lam, Andrew – Repentance

Lamb, Cathy – No Place I’d Rather Be

Lee Crosby, Bette – A Year of Extraordinary Moments

Lee Crosby, Bette – Memory House

Lee Crosby, Bette – The Summer of New Beginnings

Lonsdale, Kerry – Everything We Give

Lonsdale, Kerry – Last Summer

Lynn Thomas, Terry – The Silent Woman


McDonald, Christina – The Night Olivia Fell

Mercer, J. – Triplicity

Murphy, Sloane – When We Fall


Naigle, Nancy – Christmas in Evergreen

Naigle, Nancy – Until Tomorrow

Nikutowski, Norma – Turn Your Happiness On

Nolfi, Christine – Second Chance Grill

Nolfi, Christine – Sweet Lake

Nolfi, Christine – The Comfort of Secrets


Pagán, Camille – I’m Fine and Neither are You

Page, Savannah – Everything the Heart Wants


Richardson Fischer, Nancy – When Elephants Fly

Rosenberg, Rebecca – Gold Digger


Sabino, Anna – Your Creative Career

Sands, Patricia – Drawing Lessons

Sands, Susan – Again, Alabama

Sands, Susan – Christmas, Alabama

Sands, Susan – Forever, Alabama

Sands, Susan – Love, Alabama

Solomons, Natasha – House of Gold

StVil, Lola – Guardians: The Girl

Suzann Nelson, Christina – Swimming in the Deep End


Tarquini, Mindy – Deepest Blue


Veletzos, Roxanne – The Girl They Left Behind


Waxman, Abbi – Other People’s Houses

White M, Roseanna – The Number of Love

Wick, Audrey – Finding True North

Woodson Harvey, Kristy – Slightly South Of Simple


Zgheib, Yara – The Girls at 17 Swann Street